Condominium and Cooperative Corporations situated within the territorial area are eligible to become members of GYRA.  Member buildings through their Board of Directors comprise the membership of GYRA.  All residents of member buildings are deemed to be members of GYRA.  The boards of member buildings appoint a voluntary representative, preferably a Director, and an alternate, to the GYRA Board of Directors.  Each member building through their Director on the GYRA board is entitled to one vote in the proceedings of GYRA.


38 Avenue Road

55A Avenue Road/18A Hazelton Ave

160/170 Avenue Road

77 Avenue Road

99 Avenue Road

21 Balmuto Street

35 Balmuto Street

1166 Bay Street

1331 Bay Street

10 Bellair Street

1 Bloor Street East

102 Bloor Street West

77 Charles Street West

20 Collier Street

80 Cumberland Street

145 Cumberland Street

155 Cumberland Street

164 Cumberland Street

175 Cumberland Street

181 Davenport Road

36 Hazelton Avenue

133 Hazelton Avenue


4 Lowther Avenue

3 McAlpine Street'

15 McMurrich Street

77 McMurrich Street

8 Scollard Street

21 Scollard Street

40 Scollard Street

55 Scollard Street

1 St. Thomas Street

22 St. Thomas Street

2 Sultan Street

8 Sultan Street

900 Yonge Street

914/920 Yonge Street

980 Yonge Street

18 Yorkville Avenue

50 Yorkville Avenue

61 Yorkville Avenue

68 Yorkville Avenue

80/100 Yorkville Avenue

118 Yorkville Avenue

155 Yorkville Avenue

Executive Members

Alan Baker - President

Bill Etherington - Vice President

Conde Stenson - Treasurer

Paul Bedford - Director, Community Planning

Bob Archambault - Director, Community Relations

Honorary Members

Jean Cuddy - Co-Founder

Jane Beecroft - Historian