Welcome to GYRA, the Greater Yorkville Residents’ Association

GYRA represents the community interests of condominium and cooperative residents.  Currently our representation covers 42 member condominium/cooperative buildings, home to over 9,000 residents.  Established in 1990, GYRA is a collective voice for residents to participate in the decision making process around urban issues affecting the neighbourhood.  These include heritage preservation, planning and development, community safety and traffic, and other municipal and provincial issues of interest or concern.

Who Are We?

  • GYRA is a voluntary, not-for-profit association of persons residing in member condominium/cooperative buildings within the prescribed area.

  • GYRA is dedicated to promoting the interests of residents of member buildings in preserving the integrity and harmonious development of the neighbourhood.

  • GYRA is self-funding via membership fees for each member building.

  • GYRA acts independently in the interests of its diverse membership and is not aligned to any political association.

About Us

GYRA was formed in May 1990 when the Directors of the Renaissance Plaza invited neighbouring condominium boards to meet to discuss matters of common interest.  Nine condominium buildings responded positively and became the founding members of GYRA. 

The initial mandate of the Association was to develop strategies to alleviate traffic congestion and to monitor the impact of escalating development proposals in the area.  A liaison developed with other resident and business associations resulting in the 1994 GYRA initiated “Greater Yorkville Traffic Study” which incorporated recommendations to City Council for the improvement of traffic flow within the area.

GYRA Directors now serve on numerous working committees specifically involved with new development proposals, urban design guidelines, heritage conservation, environmental impacts, and security issues.  With the accelerating growth and the complexities of the mega-city, it is imperative that a dynamic residents' association be strongly supported in order to represent the interests of residents and positively influence the decision making at all levels of government and within the community.

Territorial Jurisdiction

The territory served by GYRA is bounded as follows:

  • NORTH: Ramsden Park Road / Pears Avenue

  • SOUTH: Charles Street

  • EAST: Yonge Street

  • WEST: Avenue Road

These boundaries are not absolute and may be varied at any time by the Board of Directors. 


GYRA provides a forum for achieving consensus on issues of shared community concern.  GYRA's policies and strategic plans are developed in accordance with objectives defined by its membership in order to optimize the security, prosperity, and quality of life of the community.


  • To be a collective voice for persons living in condominium/cooperative residences within the territorial area to enable them to participate in the decision-making around issues affecting their neighbourhood.

  • To ensure a satisfactory balance between residential, commercial and visitor interests.

  • To protect historical legacies and special areas of identity so as to preserve the unique character/ambience of the area.

  • To maintain and improve the safety, security, prosperity, and livability of the area by vigorously addressing all environmental issues.

  • To keep members informed of all pertinent community issues and events.

  • To ensure that the voice of the community is heard by municipal and provincial elected representatives.

Community Affiliations

GYRA maintains close relationships with neighbouring community groups to share information and ideas, and to encourage cooperative action.

GYRA Executive

  • Alan Baker - President

  • Bill Etherington - Vice President

  • Conde Stenson - Treasurer

  • Paul Bedford - Director, Community Planning

  • Bob Archambault - Director, Community Relations