The Bloor-Yorkville area has the highest concentration of policing in the City of Toronto. Toronto Police Service 51 Division, 52 Division, and 53 Division converge at the Bloor & Yonge intersection.

Assaults and other major crimes are infrequent in the Yorkville area. Bloor-Yorkville boasts the lowest crime rates in the City. Residents are encouraged to be vigilant and to call 911 to report incidents of immediate risk to the safety of people or property, or 416-808-2222 to report situations where there is no risk to life or property.

Construction Updates

March 12, 2015: Yorkville Ave and Bellair Street
Watermain Replacement, Road & Sidewalk Reconstruction

Noise from Cumberland and Yorkville Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

City Municipal Licensing & Standards, Licensing Enforcement, 53 Division Community Response Unit Manager, and Councillor Wong-Tam addressed Cumberland Street residents’ complaints of noise from restaurants, bars and clubs.  The establishments agreed to closely monitor their sound systems. Residents are advised to report noise complaints by calling City Service 311 or Toronto Police 53 Division non-emergency number 416-808-2222 Extension 5300.  Municipal Licensing Standards Enforcement will, at the request of residents, visit their homes to check noise levels, and will vigorously enforce noise by-laws when they detect violations.

Panhandling & Vagrancy

Toronto Police Service advises residents not to hand out money to panhandlers, but offer food. Police say panhandlers and vagrants cannot be arrested unless they are causing a disturbance or committing a crime.

Motorcycle Noise

Every summer Yorkville is inundated with super-charged motorcycles cruising at ear splitting noise levels, disturbing thousands of residents. Councillor Wong-Tam requested Municipal Licensing and Standards to investigate and report on how municipal by-laws can be beefed up, and better enforced to abate excessive motorcycle noise caused by illegal mufflers. A request was made to MPP Glen Murray's office to investigate how the Ministry of Transport Motorcycle Licensing provisions can be strengthened to eliminate the offending illegal mufflers. City Parking Enforcement will investigate the provisions for motorcycle parking, and the degree to which the provisions are consistently enforced.

Bay & Davenport Traffic Signals and Pedestrian Crossings

The timing of the traffic signals pose a grave danger to pedestrians who encounter moving vehicles failing to yield while they are using the cross walks. GYRA has relentlessly pursued this matter with Councillor Wong-Tam and 53 Division since September 2013. Measures implemented including a 5-second delay for pedestrians to commence crossing before vehicles move forward, and a reduction in the speed limit, are ineffectual in improving pedestrian safety. At the last meeting held in September 2014, Councillor Wong-Tam directed Transportation Services area director and senior engineers to re-evaluate the intersection and review innovative solutions, and report to Community Council early in the New Year.

Emergencies or Crimes in Progress

If you require emergency assistance, or want to report a crime in progress, call 9-1-1. An emergency is any situation where people or property are at risk (including but not limited to fires, crimes in progress or medical emergencies).


If you require Police assistance, but are not in an emergency situation (e.g. Reporting thefts, vandalism, fraud) or for other situations where no person or property is in immediate danger, call the non-emergency telephone number 416-808-2222.

Toronto Crime Stoppers

If you have information about a crime that you would like to report anonymously, please call Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS(8477), toll-free 1-800-222-TIPS, or visit their website.

TDD (TTY) - Telecommunications Device for the Deaf

The Toronto Police Service non-emergency TDD number is: 416-467-0493.